Deep, Hands-on Experience

Internet, Online Media, and Computer Software: Visionary, Strategist, Agent of Change, Startup / Entrepreneur Speaker, Author, Communicator

Patrick Seaman is has deep, practical, hands-on experience solving problems, building products and companies and riding the knife-edged balance of limited resources and time – under pressure – and delivering on time and under budget. Patrick has worked in C-Suite as CEO, COO, CTO as well as supporting executive and management roles, as mentor, coach and advisor.

Since helping launch in the early days of online digital media, Patrick has focused on product development, operations, strategic planning, and launch. He’s done business in Japan, China, the Philippines, Russia and across Europe and the U.K. and Mexico. In many ways, Patrick is an agent of change.

Overview of background

  • Pioneered the online digital media industry, launching Yahoo!
  • Architected, built & managed 90-day product launches in Edutainment, Payment Loyalty and most recently Over-The-Top (OTT) video for live and on-demand platforms in Mexico and the Philippines.
  • 30 Years Information Technology
  • 20 Years Executive: Director, VP & COO, CEO
  • 20 Years Digital Media, Content & Online
  • 20 Years Entrepreneurial Leadership


  • COO/CTO WhichBox Media Brand Loyalty SaaS Platform 2009 – Present (Dallas)
  • SVP Strategic Technology & Content: Ole’ Media Online Media – IPTV/OTT 2014 – 2016 (USA, Mexico, Philippines)
  • Consultant/Mentor/Advisor Various Various (Various)
  • Chief Technologist Deer Channel Edutainment/Online Media (Remote location in West Texas)
  • CEO, Co-Founder RFID Institute Trade Organization (Dallas)
  • CEO, Founder Timberwolf Press Online Media (Dallas)
  • Director of Technology, Founding team Yahoo! Online Media (Dallas, Japan, China, UK, various Euro locations)


  • Advised on various Private Equity deals
  • 90 day launch/rebuild from scratch – in-payment-stream credit card loyalty program
  • Retooled video ecommerce company to SaaS model, reorganized, built new mgmt team, pitched to investors
  • Redesigned AT&T’s internal webcasting
  • Mentor / Advisor to a variety of startups
  • University of Texas at Dallas School of Natural Sciences & Mathematics – Advisory Board

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