Great Event: Tech Success 2013

Yesterday’s Tech Success 2013 was a great event.  Hosted at the Hotel Nylo, in Las Colinas, over 300 attendees were slated to attend.  Around 30 or so companies exhibited, and several companies pitched in the Investment Forum. Some of my favorite people (disclosure: who I advise as well as like!) exhibited, including Chris Norman from Kraftwurx and Bettina Bennett of WhichBox.

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The Technology showcase included Accelerate NFC, AgileMesh, Camintel, EnvironX Solutions, Cirasys, Clean Tech Open, FibrTec, GoKnow, GeoTraq, GeoTek, Indy Power Systems, Kraftwurx, Lift, LA Tech, Nutraspace, naturaldentalimplants, Regenedyne, SignaLogic, SiphonLabs, Solarno, The Profit Experts, Top MD, Vendevor, WhichBox Media, Turnto, Vital Art and Science and Zyvex Labs.

The Co-Investment forum presentors were AgileMesh, BlueRecluse, EnvironX Solutions, Fibrtec, Indy Power systems, Kraftwurx, Lab Automate Tech, Regenedyne, SiphonLabs, TopMD and Vital Art and Science.