Podcasts Are Saving NPR | WIRED

There are lots of different kinds of podcasts these days. From Sports podcasts like ESPN’s Podcast Center, to highly vertical interest podcast series like The Survival Podcast, to the very successful spinoff of This American Life – the docudrama murder investigation series Serial, the humble podcast has enjoyed a rebirth in recent years. Of course, we did the first serialized dramatic podcast back in the broadcast.com days, when we published Jim Cline’s epic “A Small Percentage” as a 42 episode science fiction multi-cast tour de force that we later followed with a number of award winning full cast mystery, techno-thriller, fantasy, and science fiction epic podcast series (that’s me in front of the microphone in our studio, back then).

Fast forward to today. For the first time in six years, NPR is on track to break even financially thanks in part to the rising popularity of its podcasts.

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