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Patrick SEaman is a senior technology and operating executive with blended C-Level experience as: CEO, COO, CTO, CIO, and Chief Strategy Officer. Patrick has also served as a Board Member, Advisor and Mentor. He is a Futurist and Author.

Patrick is a seasoned technology executive specializing in cutting-edge innovations, startup leadership, and adeptly guiding companies through transitions. As CIO and EVP of Industrial Systems at GenH2 (Clean Energy), he directed the Liquid Hydrogen Liquefaction, Storage, and Transfer program. During his tenure at GrowCo Capital, MasVida Health & EMist, he skillfully guided patented electrostatic disinfection technology through the pandemic and seamlessly managed IT integration through two mergers. After 12 years in corporate IT, Patrick’s impressive leadership journey began as employee #1 at Mark Cuban’s, where he led technological advancements and international expansion on the board of Japan/Softbank, culminating in a remarkable $5.4 billion merger with Yahoo! A true pioneer in media-tech convergence, he continues to excel within small company and startup ecosystems. Beyond his corporate successes, Patrick is the author whose works include the captivating ‘Accipiter War’ series of science fiction novels.40 Years of Tech & 28 Years of Executive startup experience, Incl. International In Over 10 Countries.


Books 1-4 in the Series are now available in Kindle, Paperback, and Hardcover!

Accipiter War # 1, narrated by Michael Kramer, is now available on Audible!

Heretic, Accipiter War # 4, by Patrick and Blake Seaman