Startup Advisory, Contract CTO / COO, Launch, Change Management, Companies at Inflection Points.

Patrick Seaman

Patrick Seaman

Patrick Seaman

Patrick Seaman

Patrick Seaman

Patrick Seaman

Patrick Seaman

At the White House CTO Meeting

International Projects

Author: Accipiter War: Stealing Fire

Author: Accipiter War: Stealing Fire

Author: Accipiter War: Stealing Fire

Coming Spring 2020

Author: Accipiter War

Author: Website Sound

Projects & Background

Specializing in small companies & Startups:

  • Private Equity Advisory & Dilligence

  • Vertical Garden Technology Product

  • DME Enterprise Management System & Customer Portal

  • 50 Channel Mobile OTT in Mexico & Philippines

  • SaaS User Engagement Platform

  • Viral in-video eCommerce SaaS

  • Live on-animal video & eCommerce

  • Ringtone eCommerce

  • CEO & Publisher of a Multimedia Publishing Company

  • Employee #1 to IPO & sale of

  • Adviser to: Back To Space, and others
  • Author: Nonfiction: Website Sound, Fiction: Accipiter War
  • Also: Supply Chain, Energy, Defense, RFID, etc.

IT Governance and Operations for GrowCo’s portfolio of investments and companies, including: DME business and the medical disinfection technology company

Exciting new aquaponic vertical garden technology for homes, apartments and commercial growers. Self watering, self fertilizing, no soil, no weeding, grows up to 3x faster than soil.
Lettuce Evolve
Ole Media, Ole Cloud Asia
Recruited to design, engineer and deploy digital strategy and headend technology for a proprietary cloud-based OTT/IPTV linear & VOD platform. Launched service in Mexico & the Philippines for 50+ live linear channels. Ole’ TV provided OTT/VOD/Linear TV for mobile and IPTV customers, partnering with cable operators to empower them to leapfrog legacy infrastructure.


Founding Team and fractional COO/CTO for non-technical founder, shaping direction on operations, technology, strategy, contracts and diligence, program management, corporate and business development. WhichBox is a proprietary CMS & User Engagement cloud-based SaaS Platform that helps organizations engage users to share their stories.
Recruited by PE to turnaround company, est. new model & manage day-to-day. Led growth of company and expansion in multiple markets. Transformed from revenue-share to a SaaS company. Expanded the IP portfolio. Recruited new senior mgmt team and presented at PE roadshows.
Recruited 90 days prior to launch to save company. Engineered wireless remote on-animal camera system, end-to-end, incl. remote receivers, software, web, headend, etc., on time and under budget. Deployed on time and under budget. Live Linear OTT & VOD, ad network, and 50+ portals. 1st in the world system. The technology put the viewer in the deer’s perspective, seeing and hearing what the deer experienced, in real time and on demand for research and entertainment.

Timberwolf Press

Spinoff from work at Founder, CEO & Publisher: 1st Podcasts on the web, 1st Audiobook on the web, 1st MP3 & EBook CD-ROM, eCommerce, Social Network for authors, live & on demand webcasts, etc. audionetEmployee # 1. Hired by Mark Cuban to build the world’s largest aggregator and distributor of audio and video & the first streaming media CDN, and Linear OTT & VOD. Made deals with Intel, Microsoft, Motorola, BBC, China, etc. Produced the first live webcasts from China. Built network of 400+ streaming radio & TV stations & produced over 16,000 live events. Served on the Board of Directors of Japan.


“Patrick is the consummate professional. He continuously demonstrates fierce competence, dedication and the ability to both lead others and excel as a teammate. Patrick and I had the opportunity to work on hard problems and impossible circumstances in exotic places around the world, he is unflappable, determined and consistent everywhere and all the time. If you have to go to war, you want Patrick both by your side during the strategic planning and on the battlefield. It has been my distinct honor and privilege to work with him.”

Herman Spencer (“Spence”), CEO Software Built By Design


“Patrick gets it done! His experience and insights made Patrick an instrumental player on our team. Whether it was getting clearance from the heads of technology from the movie studios or managing a technology team half way around the world, Patrick would take charge and just get it all done! One of our projects included setting up a live TV headend in the Philippines able to handle 150+ TV networks. Patrick had it setup on time, under budget, and managed to develop remote monitoring from the US and automate many of its functions saving us time and money.”

Dalen Harrison, CEO Ole Media


“A true Internet and new media pioneer, Patrick is also one of those rare people who combine business sense, knowledge, technology, and common sense. His broad competencies make him the perfect person to not only wear many hats – but do so with expertise and savvy.”

Bettina Bennett, CEO WhichBox Media, Inc.


“Patrick has an uncanny ability to “see” new opportunities and applications of technology way before the market understands the potential. This is a unique gift that allows Patrick to launch new, disruptive solutions that create new markets such as streaming technology, digital publishing, and social commerce.”

Rick Jackson, Senior Director, Broadcast Services,!


“Patrick is an outstanding engineer, technology visionary and communicator with deep expertise in some of the most challenging aspects of internet. I endorse without hesitation.”

Dominic Cameron, Director & Chief Imagineer, (Travelocity / Sabre)


“Patrick came onboard at a pivotal moment. He was instrumental in building our in-house IT team and guiding our transition to a full production Enterprise Class platform.”

Jeff Mankoff, CEO, vPromos


“I say with all honesty that Patrick Seaman is one of the most extraordinary technology / business persons I have ever met. When I was at Intel Corporation… Patrick and Mark Cuban launched the streaming revolution. Patrick’s enthusiasm made that.  I give Patrick Seaman my highest recommendation.”

John Kirby,  Intel Corp


“I had the good fortune to meet Patrick during his tenure at (and later Yahoo) and mine at Intel. In addition to his ability to translate technical vision into viable commercial reality, I have relied on Patrick for counsel, and a balanced view on a variety of young ventures I have been involved with. I look forward to consulting with him in the future”

David Catzel, Director, Intel Corp


“Patrick was responsible for the entire backbone of this innovative, proprietary IPTV launch – something never attempted when we decided to mount A/V cams on wild whitetail deer and broadcast from a remote research facility. This included spec and installation of a fiber net, equipment, camera design, broadcast studio, and IP network infrastructure plus commerce based web site design and oversight. We were the first to ever attempt such an aggressive live and on demand venue in the world. Patrick is the consummate professional, capable of hands-on design/implementation/oversight of end-to-end broadcasts, including custom-designed wireless AV plus Internet broadcast architecture. I highly recommend Patrick.”

Doug Morrell, Marketing Director, Deer Channel


“Patrick has a great mind, a warm heart and a mature soul. We once appeared together on a network news show and while everyone else was hyperventilating with stress, Patrick was an oasis of tranquility. And there’s nothing like having a calm and in control person like Patrick in charge of your technology.”

Steven Phenix, President, Phenix Public Relations

Patrick Seaman

Entrepreneurial Contract CTO/COO, specializing in small companies and startups in transition. I am often asked to help during periods of change, growth and/or product launches. I’ve launched digital media products in exotic locales and under difficult and challenging timelines in the USA and on location in the US, Mexico, Asia and Europe.

I’d Love to Help

My Approach & Philosophy

Whatever stage you are at and Wherever your project is located, I jump right into the trenches with you to get things done.

Most of my work is through long term relationships and referrals. I get to know you and your business so that the technology can be both relevant and timely. I work to connect your business drivers and needs with the a cost effective and forward looking technology path.

As a technologist and writer, I’m very good at translating technology solutions and vision into layman’s terms. With over 30 years of multi-industry and multi-discipline experience, I bring deep business and technical savvy to the table.

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